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Name: Toph Beifong
Canon: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Gender: Female
Age: 12-13, guessing getting close to 13.
Wing Color: Mint green

Canon Point: Juuust after the end of season 3. Before any of the comic stuff.
Canon Point Explanation: This is a point where it's the end of one saga in Toph's life before it goes into another one. She's got some development to go through here that I feel would be more interesting to develop in a game.
History: Wiki link!
Personality: (Please consider here things such as habits, likes and dislikes, thought patterns, experiences and so on. This section should be fairly detailed!)

A lot of what Toph is was shaped by who she doesn't want to be. This person that she doesn't want to be is essentially what her parents thought she was: a dainty, serious, fragile noblelady completely dependant on other people. Instead, Toph is crude, confrontational and cocky, more likely to horse around with the boys than hang out with the girls. Thanks to Katara, she's slowly exploring the idea that she can be girly and tough at the same time, but for the most part, Toph mostly opts out of makeovers. And sometimes, personal hygiene entirely. She likes having a "healthy layer of earth" on her.

Toph loves fighting and earthbending, and she's really good at both. Especially the latter. She calls herself the best earthbender in the world, and for very good reason: her blindness gives her a distinct perspective on the earth she manipulates. She can even use earthbending to sense where she is and where other people and things are in relation to the earth she walks on. She's incredibly proud of this, and is often easily insulted when people suggest that she can't take care of herself, by herself. (Even though she's just 12.)

In fact, she's very fiercely independent, and incredibly stubborn. When she sets her mind on something, it can be very difficult to get her to change it. However, getting her to actually set her mind on something can be difficult; it took quite a lot of convincing to get her to run away with the Gaang in the first place, and even more to trust them as friends rather than people she had to put up with as the price of freedom. Still, when she does make friends, she becomes incredibly loyal to them. Steady, loyal, strong and stubborn-- rather like a rock. Who'd've figured, right? Loyalty to her doesn't mean blindly following the rest of the group though; she supports without babying. She's more than happy to point out a flaw in fighting or in an argument and harp on it until it's resolved or fixed. It made her a very difficult teacher for Aang, who was used to the more nurturing style of teaching of the Waterbenders, including Katara. (It turns out it's good he got this kind of teaching from Toph-- Zuko isn't much better as a firebending master.)

She also doesn't often judge a person completely and at once; rather, she gathers bits and pieces about them to form a profile of sorts, a series of conclusions about behaviors, and works off of that. Possibly the most shining example of this comes when Zuko first tries to join the group in season 3. The other three have learned not to trust him largely because he's always outright chased them around the world, and even contributed to Azula's victory in Ba Sing Se. Toph is the only one still willing to give him a chance; the betrayal in Ba Sing Se would usually be enough to lead someone to believe that Zuko can't be trusted, but it seems like Toph's perspective on it is very different. (I'm lead to believe Toph interprets a lot of Zuko's actions as the fault of family pressures, something she's very familiar with. What I believe Toph draws from these facts is that Zuko is hotheaded and inclined to trust his family more than he really should, but by the time he comes to join the Gaang, he's clearly been made aware of that.)

Toph seems to have a very good grasp of how politics work and how the relationships between people work. She draws conclusions about the whys of people, rather than assuming they're dirty rotten scum. "Why did this person behave this way rather than another? Why that choice and not this one?" This pattern of reasoning is shown very subtly throughout the show, but I feel Zuko joining the group is the most obvious example. Why did Zuko chase her friends everywhere? Because he wanted to go home. Why did he betray them in the city? Because Azula gave him a way to go home. Again. On top of that, when she spoke with Iroh in the second season, she was told that Iroh's nephew (Zuko) is basically a lost kid. Who's growing, just like her, just like everyone else in the group. (Also interesting in that exchange, Toph shrewdly notes that Iroh seems to need Zuko just as much as Zuko needs Iroh, something most 12 year old kids might miss out on. It's likely she was analyzing Iroh, what he said and how he said it, in the same kind of way.)

Toph is also very mischievous. She loves a good joke, and she loves a good prank even more. Often her confidence and lack of visible tools that help her find her way tend to make others forget that she's blind, and she's always quick to make jokes about it. Both to pointedly remind them of her disability, and to make a situation lighter. Upon hijacking a Fire Nation airship during the season 3 finale, Sokka asks Suki to take the wheel, and Toph, who can't see who Sokka is pointing towards, grins and responds, "Oh yeah, great idea, let the blind girl drive the airship." Even though it's just one line, it's a much needed break in an otherwise very tense set of episodes. In a very tense situation.

As previously mentioned, a lot of what Toph has become is largely because of what she doesn't want to be. That doesn't mean that she isn't partly that noblelady though. She's crafty and knows when and how to use a more regal persona-- sometimes even a fragile one-- to get what she needs, whether that be bossing a bureaucrat into letting her and all her friends onto a boat to the kingdom's capital or getting Aang and his friends kicked out of her family home. She has the confidence, ability, and ubringing to put on these acts and do them exceedingly well.

Toph does have quite a few insecurities. They're usually well-hidden behind a confident exterior, but she has them. Despite claims to the contrary, Toph does care about how she appears to other people. She does her best to influence

Strengths (Provide canon examples and include special powers/abilities as necessary. You may combine sections as needed, but remember to always be thorough.)
Physical: Toph is an earthbender. That means uh, she bends the earth. (shot) Toph can take control of bits of rock and dirt, even as fine as impurities in forged steel, and manipulate them according to her will. She's incredibly skilled at it; she can form a perfect replica of a complicated city capital out of nothing but sand. Sand in particular is difficult to control because sand is all little tiny rocks; a boulder is a big target, hard to move because of its size and weight, but sand is hard to control because an earthbender has to keep track of all the little rocks at once.

She can make the ground split open, or jut up in sharp spikes, or...really, anything she can imagine she can pretty much do.

She also uses her earthbending to sense where she is when she's standing on any typical sort of solid ground. Ice is no good, but grass (becuase it grows on dirt, I guess) and rock, and anything like that, she can sense where she is and where everything else is in relation to her. She calls it 'earthsense'. Her earthsense is what allowed her to manipulate metal as well; she grabs hold of impurities in the metal and can bend metal because of it.

She's also a master of hand to hand fighting. It largely comes with the bending territory; all bending styles are basically based on different forms of martial arts.

Mental: It's not a special ability, per se, but Toph has an incredible force of will. Earth is hard to bend, it's very strictly structured and stubborn. It takes a strong will to do what she does, and she does have it.

Emotional: None to speak of that wasn't covered in personality. I think.

Weaknesses ( Provide canon examples and include special powers/abilities as necessary. You may combine sections as needed, but remember to always be thorough.)
Physical: Well, she's 12. So she's small and generally weaker than an adult of equal skill. And she's blind. She makes her blindness work for her, but she still can't see in the water, on ice, in the air... if she's not connected to earth, she can't see jack.

Mental: None really. Typical 12 year old.

Emotional: Same as above.

Anything else?: I'm curious as to how nerfed Toph's earthsense will be; will she still be able to use it, but at a shorter range, maybe?


First Person: (Must be ten *complete* sentences or longer. This does *not* include action text, though you may include action as well. Only the spoken dialogue will be counted. If you can, please refrain from giving us a generic arrival post. They make it difficult to judge voice and are one of the most frequent reasons revisions are requested.

Alternatively, we encourage you to instead link to a recent thread or a post from the Training Wings community/Test Drive Meme.

If you feel that a first person sample is daunting because the character is not talkative, you may request an IC Q&A. )

Third Person:

(300 words minimum. Remember to write using proper grammar, verb tenses, and paragraphs.)
zombiecannon: (Calcifer burn bacon)
( Jul. 2nd, 2009 07:49 pm)
SO. Finally Zhura is letting me log on again. So I can liek, start HMM again. D: Finally. But, I feel so unmotivated -- for all of my comics. So, I figure I'll just forget most of them exist and work on one or two primarily. And halfheartedly work on the collab I've got runnin.


...Anybody wanna help me find screentone brushes for GIMP? Photoshop works fine, too... I have to replace mine and I don't know where I got my old ones.
zombiecannon: (OMG)


( Jun. 13th, 2009 04:10 pm)
Lately, I've been feeling really sluggish and lazy. I blame it on the OBSCENE amounts of sleep I've been getting. I go to bed at 9/9:30 (PM) and wake up somewhere between 9:30 and 10:30 (AM)... YEAH. So what gets me energetic? Huh? What? What? The fact that STEVEN (bless his malnourished soul) has given me pure insanity on a DVD to watch... and that insanity is called PANI PONI DASH. SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! It sure as hell ain't SPARTA! Wow these people are nutso. I keep having to pause this thing every couple of minutes because I'm laughing so hard. Bunnies with self-esteem issues, cats that live in vending machines that call themselves god, aliens spying on little eleven-year-olds, said eleven-year-old being a school teacher that graduated from MIT and is super cute... excuse me, in the show she's referred to as OMEGA CUTE... Yeah. It's like Excel Saga, Azumanga Daioh, Lucky * Star, Abenobashi and Kyouran Kazoku Nikki (minus the drama) all mixed up in a blender and put over ice cream made of pure INSANITY. Houston, sanity has left the building.

At least I have a good idea as to what the premise is. Our previously mentioned little MIT graduate is filling up a recently vacated teacher's position... which was vacated for mysterious, unknown reasons that another teacher made seem creepy when the students asked. Teacher's post is in a high school, where the class is downright strange. You have all your stereotypes: the brains with control problems, the hyperactive ADD girl, the mystery girl, the sweetheart, etc. There's a subplot, too! A group of aliens are monitoring our tiny teacher to see whether humanity deserves to live or die.

Why use a super genius, eleven-year-old girl in a high school teacher's job, though? I HAVE NO FRICKIN IDEA. It seemed pretty random. "Oh, the motherboard chose her... so, let's watch, cuz we aliens obviously have the technology capable of seeing through walls even though the cameras we have are several hundred miles away from the target."

SHIT YES. Let's watch it! It's crazy, but oh I love it so. This is my kinda humor.
Probably the most frustrating thing about roleplaying with other people... is their English skills. It's like they assume that since it's the internet, it's okay to disregard grammar and make their posts barely distinguishable. There are sometimes when I have NO [insert expletive]-ING IDEA what in HELL they're trying to say. It makes it very frustrating to rp. lieksrsly. PUNCTUATION EXISTS, I KNOW IT DOES. Dx And so does spell check! Chrome has it built in, and is currently telling me that "roleplaying", "Dx", "rp" and "lieksrsly" aren't actually words!

Somebody, for the love of all that lives, please, I'm begging you...

Even if you don't adhere to formal grammar, please form sentences! Type out full words! SAY WHAT YOU MEAN TO SAY, AND SAY WHAT YOU MEAN. D:
zombiecannon: (Calcifer burn bacon)
( May. 21st, 2009 10:42 pm)
OH GOD I'M SO FRICKIN TIRED. Why? Cuz two art projects, one which I'm barely STARTING A WEEK AND A HALF AWAY FROM THE END OF SCHOOL AND IS MY FINAL, an unfair amount of English homework, and time spent writing bullshit stories is taking up all my sleeping time. DX It's been putting me in a half apathetic, half PO'd mood. DX

Oh well. At least this second story is easier to write. :D Now, at 10:44 PM, OFF TO PAINTING WITH ME. :P
If it's interesting, and people say so, maybe I'll write it in earnest, lol. XD It's supposed to be a BL parody rendition/melding of a buncha fairy tales. My way. Here goes, just a little bit.

"He awoke with a start. A nightmare…? He’d fallen asleep in the cavernous library. Oh. Well, that meant he was even more lost than before, because he must have been sleepwalking. Nothing looked familiar. “And now I am a somnambulist.” He laughed dryly until his stomach (still small from his life on the farm) growled angrily. “Huh…”

He started walking again, attentively reading the spines of the books, trying to figure out where he was -- only to discover that whatever language they were written in he didn’t understand it at all. He sighed. Eventually he found another set of reading desks and sat. He looked up at the ceiling-sky. “Illusion?” It was a tentative, quiet call, but still seemed to echo throughout the forest of bookcases. He fell silent and rested his head upon the desk. Sleep claimed him once again.

It was dark. Dark, tinged with blue. Deep sapphire blue. Lovely sparkling bright dark dim distant. He seemed to be floating in it. Suspended in nothingness. It was pleasant. Free from hunger pain sensation. Frightening maybe but he was oh so numb. Numb…

Soft silver caressed his senses. What? Comfortable… The light was gentle. He peered more closely at it, mingling with the azure darkness. Silver sparkling in rainbows, bright vibrant pure color. Warm… love. Love? Love. It embraced him, cradled him in loving warmth. Yes. Safe. From what? Everything? Sure. Ribbons of dark mixing with bright silver… Lovely. Safe. Self. Whole. A voice -- kind concerned warm silvery silver. A name -- his? Was it…?"

Abstract much? If you like it, let me know. I wrote it in class one day. LOL.


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